I Just Come Here To Smoke

“I just come here to smoke.”
The twins looked at him. Some people thought they looked like the actor Lucas Till.
The old man looked like a cross between George Lucas and Santa Claus.
“Actually, I came here to get ready for the bar exam.”
“Already licensed in Texas. Now I need Louisiana. Do either of you know what a ‘usufruct’ is?”
Silence, this time shorter.
“Off your meds again?”
One of the twins turned his key in the lock on the wall.
Cover retracted from the tiny circular heating element, the weather beaten lawyer pushed the button on the wall.
He bent forward, cigarette in mouth, and touched the tip to the red hot element.
After a short drag, and puff of smoke, “yep.”
Despite being twenty-something men, the twins in khaki pants and cerulean polo shirts reminded him of the twins in “The Shining.” Were they even real?
“Saudi Arabia.” He paused and laughed. Now he really looked like Lucas.
“Saudi Arabia ain’t nothin’.” He loved sounding uneducated to people who knew better.
“Do you know how much oil and gas we have in Louisiana and Texas?”
“Getting to it is the problem.” One of the twins recalled his geology teacher speaking those words.”
“Right. Injectants.” Mr. Lucas looked down, head tilted forward almost as in shame for something he had no control over, errors of long dead generations who preceded his.
“Fracking,” said one twin. “Earthquakes,” followed the other.
George seemed to slightly flinch. Shame became anger. His teeth clinched slightly, then relaxed.
“Yeah, we got that wrong.” He stubbed out the smoke. Break was over.
He went back to the community area. Time for meds.
One twin looked at the other. “Use a fruck?”



Heartstring Eulogies

“It’s easy to hide behind a mask.
A façade of joy when all you feel is emptiness.”

Shadows and light, just like depression and happiness — you cannot have one and appreciate — or dare I say understand them for what they are without having experience with the other.

This is why hope is so important. You can never know how someone truly feels. However dark or light, it’s easy to hide behind a mask. A façade of joy when all you feel is emptiness. With some hope in the form of a person who cares can mean the difference between life and death.

© Sarah Doughty

Show someone you care today.

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How comfortable is your comfortable life?

Pointless Overthinking

Does burnout subdue empathyDrawing by Adrian Serghie

   Do you believe your life is the best it can be? Do you want it to be better? Why or why not?

   There are people that get into a certain point in life, which they enjoy and they want to live in that state their whole life, and there are also people that enjoy their lives, but they feel that something is missing. They want something more meaningful, but they don’t pursue it because they don’t want to lose what they have now or they don’t really know what they want.

   Sometimes and for certain people comfort is not enough because it doesn’t fulfill them. It’s just a good state they’re in, but that state is not complete. In my opinion, this is a sign that their lives are not at their best. It’s doesn’t mean that those people are not grateful for…

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Entropy Wins

Cold, gray Fridays in January. Should we be sad or happy?

Streams Of Destiny

Entropy wins.

Science and engineering tells us that, in any “closed system,” entropy will increase over time.

The mathematics offers a level of precision that these words cannot.

But the net result is that everything living returns to a state of disorder, available to be recycled into something else.

The obvious conclusion leads to apathy at best.

But, for now, I will not “go gentle into that good night,” preferring instead to “rage, rage against the dying of the light,” even if, ultimately, entropy wins.

[With a nod to poet Dylan Thomas]

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Benefits of Sailing


Sailing is not only beneficial for the body but for the mind and soul too. You can achieve an excellent fitness regimen while having a tremendous time under the sun. Here are to discuss some of the health advantages of cruising.

Physical conditioning – The continuous job of pulling and raising a sail to keep the boat in the ideal track strengthens and develops muscles of the upper and lower extremities, trunk and abdomen. Agility, versatility and endurance of the body required to meet the demands of cruising activities are established and boosted.

Cardiovascular fitness – Just like all exercises and sports that keep one healthy, cruising activities can decrease the threat of heart disease and hypertension, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce risk for weight problems. And just like all muscles, the heart grows more powerful with exercise, so it can pump blood more effectively throughout the arteries and veins…

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The penultimate one – week 51

As Wang Chung sang in the song “Wait” (on the “To Live and Die in LA” soundtrack), I can hardly wait!
(It is a good song for Fridays.)

Learning to write

This post marks the 51st week as a PhD student. I get the sense that I should do something special for next week’s post. Maybe I will interview myself or something else with less narcissism.

Writing about what I do each week as a PhD student has become quite mundane. Not necessarily because the work has become stale. More so that the content feels quite similar and the way in which it is constructed is always the same. I sit down at the weekend and try and remember what I did during the week. Because this has become boring to me, I try and write about other things during the week, where I can be a bit more creative.

I need to think of an innovative way to describe my week as simply summarising has run its course. I am open to any suggestions as to how I can accomplish…

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Death’s poem

Entropy wins.


You shall see me,

Where these horizons meet.

Stay here, quite,

Please, have a seat.

To end your sufferings,

I have come a long way.

I promise to take your pain

Sorrows and all desires away.

You have served the sphere,

During these days.

You still are unaware,

Of world’s greatest ways.

Don’t strain, come,

Accept these vacations.

Oh, mortal!

I, indeed, am the final destination.

_ Death.

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